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Sexual Assault and sexual related offences


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    Sexual Assault and sexual related offences

    An accusation of having committed a sexual offence carries with it devastating effects. The legal and social consequences of an allegation or conviction are among the most punitive a person can face.

    Sexual assault and sexual related offences cover a wide range of acts including sexual interference, sexual exploitation, invitation to sexual touching, voyeurism, indecent acts and possessing/making /distribution of child pornography.

    These types of charges are pursued vigorously by the police and Crown Attorney. If an allegation is made, it almost always leads to a charge, and it is left to the accused to answer to the charges within our complicated legal system.

    As soon as an allegation is made (even if it is false), an accused faces social challenges and stigmatization. There will be a significant impact on the individual, their family and their social relationships.

    There are severe and lasting consequences associated with these types of convictions. If you are convicted of a sexual related offence you will have a criminal record and will face many legal consequences including: lengthy jail time, strict probation terms and being placed on a sex registry.

    The social consequences in relation to charges and convictions of sexual related offences can include: loss of family and social relationships, damaged reputation, travel restrictions, job loss and difficulty obtaining a job that requiring a criminal record check, loss of professional accreditation and membership in professional associations (i.e. nursing, teaching, social work, security), involvement of the Children's Aid Society and a negative impact on your parental rights, child custody and access.

    If you have been charged with a sexual offence, or if the police want to question you in relation to a sexual offence, you need to seek immediate legal advice. If you are innocent, you should still consult an experienced criminal lawyer before speaking to the police. 

    Most people think that if they just tell their side of the story, the allegations will go away. Unfortunately, this is not true and speaking to the police may not be in your best interest. Innocent people get charged every day. Telling your side of the story to the police could hurt your future defence. Many innocent poeple have been convicted simply on the evidence they give to police, including their outhright denials. A jury might be very suspicious of a person who is actually innocent but can't speak well under pressure, perhaps looks a little odd or comes across as abrasive. 

    At Jeff Conway Law, we have the experience and resources to fight your charge and we will provide you with comptenet representation and endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome for your matter.  

    The team at Jeff Conway Law understands the complex legal, social and emotional impact of these types of charges. We have successfully defended a wide range of sexual assault and sexual related offences. We will provide you with the legal and emotional support needed to get through this devastating experience. We are here to protect you and defend your legal rights. 

    If you have been charged with a sexual related offence in London or Southwestern Ontario, call Jeff Conway for a free consultation.