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    Criminal negligence

    Criminal negligence is set out under section 219 of the Criminal Code of Canada and generally involves allegations of irresponsibly, reckless behaviour or disregard for the lives and safety of other persons, putting others at risk of injury or death or failing to fulfill a required duty to prevent an injury or death from happening.

    Criminal negligence charges most commonly arise out of scenarios such as:

    • Operation of a motor vehicle, causing bodily harm or death to another individual
    • Child endangerment
    • Workplace incidents resulting in bodily harm or death to another individual such as at a building construction site or manufacturing plant

    The legal consequences of a conviction of criminal negigence can include: a criminal record, imprisonment, probation and fines. Other consequences in relation to charges and convictions related to crininal negligence can include: strained family and social relationships, damaged reputation, travel restrictions, job loss and difficulty obtaining a job requiring a criminal record check, loss of professional accreditation and membership in professional associations (i.e. nursing, teaching, social work, security).

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