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    Domestic violence

    Domestic violence is violence occuring in the context of an intimate relationship (spouse or former spouse, common-law or former common-law partner, boyfriend/girlfriend). Domestic violence can relate to physical violence as well as emotional and psychological abuse such as threats, intimidation or control.  

    Policy makers and law enforcement agencies take domestic abuse very seriously. There are strict policies in place which inform police on how to proceed when an allegation is made. As result, it is the practice of local law enforcement to almost always make an arrest when responding to an allegation of domestic violence. This is the case even when there is limited evidence, and even when the complainant does not want charges to be laid.

    Being charged with domestic violence will have a significant impact on your life and freedom. Personal and professional lives are often thrown into chaos. After a charge has been laid you can be faced with strict bail conditions which may include: removal from your home, non-contact conditions in relation to the complainant, restricted or supervised access to children, curfews, alcohol prohibitions and weapon bans.

    If you are convicted of domestic violence related offence, you will likely have a criminal record with the potential penalties of jail, fines, mandatory counselling programs and probation.

    In addition to the legal consequences, there are profound and devastating personal consequences to a conviction of domestic violence. These consequences can include family breakdown, implicaitons for family court proceedings, loss of child custody or limited child access, strain on extended family relationships, financial losses, social stigma, impact on employment and job opportunities, impact on professional associations and implications for out of country travel.

    Domestic violence charges are often closely connected with separation and divorce proceedings, and in many cases, domestic charges are utilized as leverage in family court matters. Jeff Conway Law we will work closely with your family lawyer to ensure your best interests are served on both legal fronts.

    At Jeff Conway Law, we have the experience and resources to fight your charge and we will provide you with competent representation and endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome for your matter. 

    At Jeff Conway Law we will utilize a team of experts and investigators to analyze the evidence in your case in order to provide you with the best defence. In many cases, we have been successful at negotiating the outright withdrawal of domestic violence charges. 

    At Jeff Conway Law we are aware that domestic related incidents are highly emotionally charged and we endeavour to ensure you have the information you need to understand your charges and your rights. Our team is there every step of the way to support, advocate and defend you during this challenging time. 

    If you have been charged with domestic assault or a domestic violence related offence in London or Southwestern Ontario, call Jeff Conway for a free consultation.