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    Obstruct Police

    Obstruct Police falls under Section 129 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

    Obstruction generally refers to a person making it more difficult for a public officer or a peace officer to carry out their duties. It occurs when someone resists or wilfully obstructs a public officer or peace officer during the course of their duties.

    Obstruct justice can involve actions such as:

    • Refusing to identify yourself to an officer where required to do so by law
    • Giving false name or identification
    • Lying to police about the circumstances of a crime
    • Inciting others in dealings with an officer
    • Questioning an officer’s authority
    • Paying a person to give false evidence
    • Threatening at witness

    The potential legal consequences of a conviction of obstruct justice include: a criminal record, imprisonment, probation and fines. The consequences in relation to charges and convictions of obstructing justice can include: strained family and social relationships, damaged reputation, travel restrictions, job loss and difficulty obtaining a job requiring a criminal record check, loss of professional accreditation and membership in professional associations (i.e. nursing, teaching, social work, security).

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