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Property related offences


  • Provincial Offences Act

    Property related offences

    Under the Criminal Code of Canada there are numerous property related offences, the most common of which include:

    • Theft
    • Possession of property obtained by crime  
    • Fraud (theft using deception)
    • Robbery
    • Break and Enter
    • Possession of proceed of crime

    Theft and possession of property obtained by crime offences carry various penalties, which are influenced by the value of  the property in question, and most notably whether the value of the porperty is above or below $5,000.

    Being convicted of a property type of offence will often result in a criminal record. Penalties include, jail, probation, community service, fines and restitution. At Jeff Conway Law we know that consequences extend beyond what the penalty the court imposes, and that a conviction in relation to a property offence can impact your family life, your reputation, your employment and your freedom to travel.

    If you are charged with a property related offence, it is important that you seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer. There are defences that may be available to you and at Jeff Conwy Law, we have successfully represented clients facing these types of charges. Through in depth examination of the disclosure and the use of investigators to challenge the evidence we have had various successful outcomes such as:

    • Securing the acquittal of our clients at trial
    • Negotiating the outright withdrawal of charges
    • Negotiating a resolution such as diversion or direct accountability thereby avoiding a criminal record
    • Negotiation reduced sentences through skilled representation at sentencing hearings

    Robbery differs from theft in that it involves the use of violence or the threat of violence. Robbery is considered a much more serious offence and with it comes much harsher penalties. A robbery associated with someone’s home (home invasion) can result in much harsher penalties and mandatory minimum sentences. If the robbery is in connection with a home invasion the penalties can be even more severe. At Jeff Conway Law, we fight these types of charges by exploring all potential defences. We have also been successful at negotiating the reduction of the charge to a lesser offence with reduced penalties.