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    Stunt Driving & Racing

    Over the years we have seen an increase in stunt driving and street racing charges. This seems to be in part due to the increased focus on policing and prosecuting these types of offences. Stunt driving and street racing are considered a highway traffic offence. Despite not being a criminal charges, some are considered to be serious offences which can result in serious consequences.

    If you are charged with stunt driving or racing you will face an automatic seven day licence suspension and vehicle impoundment.

    If you are convicted of stunt driving or street racing you will face harsh penalties which could include:

    • fines ranging from $2000 - $10,000
    • jail sentence
    • demerit points
    • driver's licence suspension for up to two years

    The consequences of such a conviction extend beyond what the courts impose. You will likely face significant increases in insurance premiums and may even be declined for insurance coverage. Licence suspensions and high insurance rates will affect your ability to drive, which will in turn impact employment and social opportunities. 

    Given the severity of penalties associated with a conviction, it is important to consult a lawyer before pleading guilty to a stunt driving or street racing offence.

    At Jeff Conway Law, we have successfully represented our clients on stunt driving and street racing charges. There are defences that may be available to you depending on the circumstance surrounding your particular case. We use experts to examine the scente, challenge radar reliably and accuracy and critique officer knowledge and experience.

    If you have been charged with stunt driving or street racing , call jeff Conway Law for a free consultation.