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Motor Vehicle Accidents


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    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Tragically, motor vehicle collisions and accidents are a part of life.  Collisions, accidents and injuries which may seem minor at first can have far-reaching consequences over time. You may not be able to afford to take time off from work to properly rehabilitate a treatable injury if you are self-employed or have no sick leave benefits. Pain that you might think is minor and tolerable can worsen with age and lead to complications later in life.

    Accident Benefit law can be complicated. Dealing with your own insurance company regarding treatment of your injuries, income replacement and home care assistance if often intimidating and time-consuming for a person trying to cope with their struggle to return to their previous state of well being and lifestyle.

    Jeff Conway has years of previous experience in emergency health services as a professional responder. Jeff Conway knows firsthand, the physical and emotional trauma suffered by those involved in motor vehicle accidents. He understands the impact on the families and friends of the injured person.

    As a trial lawyer, Jeff Conway realizes that sometimes negotiations over personal injury cases break down. Sometimes taking a case to trial is the best option. Jeff Conway and his team will work tirelessly in pursuit of the best outcome for you during negotiations and at trial.    

    If you have been injured, even if you think you may not have a strong case, set up a consultation with Jeff Conway Law and learn about your entitlements and options.